Benefits of selling your motorcycle through a                                                          consignment sale...                                                          ‚Äč

  • We have a fully monitored showroom with 24/7 CCTV 
  • 7 days a week viewing to target audience 
  • Hassle free, no time wasters, no shows and annoying tyre kickers!
  • Part exchange offered with your vehicle to the new buyer, increasing chance of selling your vehicle
  • Ability for the new owners to apply for finance - even more chance for the sale!
  • Secure storage with Fire and Theft insurance - even if your insurance has lapsed!
  • Warranty offered on any vehicle!

Commonly asked questions

What is a consignment sale?

A Consignment sale is where we have the bike at our property, up for sale at a price you'd choose. 

What happens when we find a buyer for the bike? 

The paperwork would be sorted by us and we'd take 10% commission and part of the sale total to cover warranty. (Amount taken depends on bike and sale total.)

What's commission? 

We'd take 10% commission, which means we'd take 10% of the total sale price for selling it for you. 

What if I decide I don't want to sell the bike?

If you decide you don't want to sell your bike - we'd give it back to you straight away, with no extra cost!